A Trip for your Tastebuds: Recipes from Around the World!

A Trip for your Tastebuds: Recipes from Around the World!

With more time at home and inspiration striking in the kitchen, channel your wanderlust into cooking! We’ve gathered our favorite recipes from all around the world, from pad Thai to French pastries. Read on for a few of our favorite recipes to take your palate on vacation without leaving the comfort of your own home. Grab your  Prepdeck and let’s get cooking!

Peruvian Ceviche

As Peru’s national dish, this Peruvian ceviche is a must try. Make with fresh fish and add some flavor with spices and a punch of citrus!

Get the recipe here!

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Italian Bolognese

This bolognese has been labeled “the gold standard” of sauces. Take your tastebuds to Italy with this dish and enjoy some extra parmesan and wine while you're at it!

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Photo by: Jim Wilson, New York Times

South Indian Eggplant Curry

Next stop, India! This south Indian eggplant curry is delicious, vegetarian, and ready in only 15 minutes. Perfect for a quick meal or last-minute side dish in your Indian feast!

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French Croissants

Bounjour! The French are known for their delicious, yet complicated, pastries and desserts. We found this recipe by Leslie, of  Bessie Bakes, that walks you through (with pictures!!) how to make delicious French croissants. Chocolate optional by definitely recommended!

Get the recipe here!

Pad Thai

Pad Thai, a stir-fried noodle dish, will become a frequent flyer in your kitchen! This classic, delicious recipe from Thailand is the perfect opportunity to practice your  mise en place  techniques for all the spices and veggies in this dish!

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Photo by: Craig Lee, New York Times

Spanish Paella

In Spain, paella is a traditional rice dish made to be shared with family and friends. This Spanish, seafood paella is the perfect dish to spend an evening making, enjoy with others, and help you savor your mini-vacation.

Get the recipe here!

Scandinavian Style Salmon and Potato Salad

Our last stop is in the nordic countries! This Scandinavian salmon and potato recipe is easy to make and has fresh flavors of pickled onions and dill.

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Photo by:  Olive Magazine

While you may not be able to travel right now, these recipes from around the world are your first-class ticket to a vacation for your palate. Be sure to tag us on  Instagram and  Facebook  when you share the globe-trotting creations you’ve been making at home. And when you’re ready to take your home-cooking up a notch, check out  Prepdeck