Comparison Guide: Which Prepdeck is Right for You?

Opening white Prepdeck with colorful food inside

Prepdeck is a sleek and compact system that packs over $300 worth of prepping tools and accessories in one organized space and is designed to save you time, money and dress when cooking at home. With Prepdeck, you’ll maximize your efficiency and organization as you prepare, measure, and store your ingredients like you never have before.

We’ve crafted three systems to choose from so you can pick the option that best suits your cooking needs. Read on below to find out what each Prepdeck has to offer so you can finally cook with comfort and ease.



Designed for those that love to cook, but could use a little extra help in getting started,  Prepdeck is a kitchen accessory that speeds up and organizes cooking preparation. It uniquely combines over 45 features and accessories into an all-in-one, sleek, functional and easy to use system for only $119. Kitchen chaos is a thing of the past once you start incorporating Prepdeck into your cooking routine. What more could you want? Our most affordable model is a simple, yet incredible, resource that will certainly make your life easier.

Prepdeck comes with:

  • Cutting board
  • Modular body
  • 15 food containers
  • Prepping Accessories
  • Trash/storage drawer

    Cutting Board

    The Prepdeck cutting board is the key to your cooking success. Not only does it serve as a surface to prepare your meals, it also doubles as the enclosure for the Prepdeck itself. Magnetically connected, they’re easy to detach so you can change out your cutting board at any time to match your kitchen or personal style!

    Modular Body

    The modular body can be easily customized to your aesthetic and adjusted to your meal, exactly the way you like it. Choose from 9 beautiful patterns and colors to brighten up your kitchen and create a sleek cooking space.

    Food Containers

    Our Prepdeck system comes with 15 food containers in a variety of sizes, so you can organize your meal stress-free. It comes with 5 large, 2 medium, 2 small, and 6 mini containers with convenient measurement markings in ounces, cups, and millimeters and lids that attach for storage. Whether you need extra space for leftovers, storing ingredients, or simply have a larger recipe on your hands, the 15 piece containers have you covered!


    But wait, there’s more! Prepdeck comes equipped with all the necessary kitchen tools needed when you’re preparing a meal. Specifically, it comes with a grater, zester, juicer, garlic crusher, peeler, julienne peeler, green stripper, and bottle opener. The real question is, what DOESN’T it come with?! Even better, all of these are stored away in your accessory drawer keeping things organized while also easily accessible.

    Trash/Storage Drawer

    To make your life even easier, Prepdeck provides a removable trash bin and utensil storage space for your convenience. Just simply put your waste in the bin, and when you’re done, empty it into your trash can. No mess, no problem.


    Prepdeck +


    Created for those that are no stranger to cooking up delicious meals, the  Prepdeck + comes with all core Prepdeck features and accessories as well as 3 additional containers, a device stand, and an additional cutting board. You get the cooking necessities PLUS more to ensure you have the best cooking experience in the kitchen for only $169. Need we say more?

    Prepdeck+ comes with:

    • Cutting board
    • Modular body
    • 15 food containers
    • Prepping Accessories
    • Trash/storage drawer

      Additional features:

      2 Large Containers with Lids

      These add-on Large Containers provide extra space for leftovers, storing ingredients, or assisting when you have a larger recipe on your hands.

      1x Additional Cutting Board

      Whether you'd like an additional board to prep meats and vegetables separately, or the flexibility to customize your Prepdeck to match your kitchen or personal style at any time, this additional cutting board is the perfect solution! It allows you to maximize your cooking space while staying clean and organized.

      1x XL Container Set

      Featuring over twice the volume of the Large Container, the new XL Container adds even more versatility to your Prepdeck experience. Perfect for larger items such as lettuce, meats, potatoes, etc., the XL container also includes a divider that can be positioned to split ingredients if you need all inside one smartly designed addition! Whether you use this as a part of your Prepdeck or as an additional container system you’ll be sure to get plenty of use our of this handy container.  

      1x Mobile Device Stand

      It's never been easier to follow your favorite recipes while you cook when you combine this Tablet / Phone Stand with Prepdeck!


      Prepdeck Pro

      Crafted for those that don’t mess around in the kitchen, the  Prepdeck Pro comes with all core Prepdeck features along with a ton of additional useful accessories. Easily store ingredients and leftover with the additional 14 piece container set or customize your Prepdeck at any time thanks to two additional cutting boards. Add in the Device Stand, XL Container Set and PrepdeckGO Travel Bag.

      Prepdeck Pro comes with:

        • Cutting board
        • Modular body
        • 15 food containers
        • Accessories
        • Trash/storage drawer
        • 1x XL Container Set
        • 1x Mobile Device Stand

      Additional features:

      1x 14 Piece Container Set

      With this loaded container set, you can dial up your Prepdeck experience to Master Chef! Whether you need extra space for leftovers, storing ingredients, or simply have a larger recipe on your hands, this loaded 14 piece container set has you covered! It comes with 5 large, 2 medium, 2 small, and 5 lids so you’ll never have a shortage of food storage again.

      1x PrepdeckGO Travel Bag

      Made from Canvas and high-quality pu-leather, this beautifully designed custom carry bag is the perfect way to take Prepdeck no matter where you're headed! Whether it's the park for a picnic, the beach for a cookout or even your favorite vacation home.

      2x Additional Cutting Boards

      One cutting board is good, two is even better, but three is the best! Doubling as the exterior, you can match your Prepdeck to your kitchen’s style with ease and choose between your three boards. Plus, it has three additional carve-outs to make it even easier to keep prepped materials organized. Times have changed, so have our cutting boards.


      Whether you think the Prepdeck or Prepdeck Pro is the right fit for you we encourage you to explore all your options and consider which system will benefit your kitchen and cooking most. Shop all three systems today!