What’s Included: A Deep Dive Into Prepdeck Accessories

Prepdeck fold out cutting board with accessory

From a cutting board to a removable trash bin, Prepdeck has got your kitchen needs covered with its extensive range of accessories. You can kiss your old tools goodbye, because this compact system comes equipped with everything you need and more. Keep reading to find out what exactly is included so you can prepare yourself for an easier cooking experience that is entirely mess free, quick and yes, organized. 

Cutting Board

Perhaps one of Prepdeck’s most useful features is the magnetically attached cutting board that folds right out, ready for action. What makes this even more unique from other standard cutting boards is its interchangeability, so you can switch out styles and patterns that best suit your personality. Did we also mention that the cutting board doubles as the enclosure for the Prepdeck, too? Talk about efficiency!

Modular Body

If you’re someone who likes to cook with specific adjustments, the modular body will be your new best friend. The main body of the Prepdeck serves as an easy way to organize your ingredients with absolutely no hassle, and it allows you to customize to your own aesthetic with the 9 beautiful patterns offered on our website. Cooking has never been this easy!

Food Containers

Just when you thought Prepdeck couldn’t get any better, it also comes with 15 food containers, featuring every size you’d ever need. With your set, you’ll find 5 large, 2 medium, 2 small, and 6 mini containers with measurement markings so you can cook with accuracy and ease. If organizing was never your thing, it will be now.

Trash/Storage Draw

Whether you’re making dinner for yourself, family or friends, you don’t need to worry about any waste build up when you use Prepdeck. This system conveniently includes a trash bin that is entirely removable, so all you need to do is dump it into your trash can. On top of that, it introduces a handy storage draw so you can keep utensils neat and organized inside. 

Additional Accessories

Prepdeck comes with even more? You bet. With your Prepdeck system, you’ll find a variety of useful tools and accessories that will make your time in the kitchen fast, easy and even fun. Specifically, it comes with a grater, zester, juicer, garlic crusher, peeler, julienne peeler, green stripper, and bottle opener. In other words, it’s time to retire that old tool drawer in your kitchen and start saving yourself time with Prepdeck.

All of these useful features can be found in our standard Prepdeck model, priced at just $119. However, we offer two more models: the Prepdeck + and Prepdeck Pro. These include additional accessories that are designed to enhance your kitchen experience to the point where it can’t possibly get any better. 

Prepdeck +

At $169, the Prepdeck+ comes with 4 additional accessories that will make your life even easier. These include a: device stand, cutting board, XL container set, and 2 large containers. All four of these additional features will allow you to minimize your time in the kitchen and maximize the quality of your experience.

Device Stand

The device stand will save you some serious time and hassle! There’s no need to get your tablets dirty any longer, just prop whatever device you own on this stand and your life will become 10x easier. Using this stand to follow your favorite recipes will be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Cutting Board

Receiving an extra cutting board may be the coolest thing ever. This allows you to maximize your work space without creating a huge mess and will keep your ingredients from contaminating one another. It also allows you to switch out designs every once in a while if you’re feeling stylish.

XL Container Set and 2 Large containers

The standard Prepdeck set comes with every size of container except extra large. That’s why Prepdeck + includes an XL set so you will have no issues fitting larger items inside the containers. But wait, there’s more! This Prepdeck model also provides you with an additional 2 large containers so you will certainly never run out of space again. 

Prepdeck Pro

At $229, the Prepdeck Pro comes with everything from the standard Prepdeck, and an additional 5 features so you can fulfill your professional chef dreams. These include a: device stand, 2 cutting boards, XL container set, 14 piece container set and a travel bag. These incredible features will allow you to be the best cook and channel your inner Bobby Flay. 

In addition to these handy accessories, you can also purchase a knife block alongside your Prepdeck so you can keep your knives neat and organized. This does not come with a Prepdeck set, but it is priced at only $35. 

Whether you opt for the standard Prepdeck or choose to purchase the Prepdeck Pro, we assure you that you will never look back on your days before you introduced our efficient system in your life. Prepdeck is designed to have you cook completely mess-free and with no hassle from beginning to end. Each one of our accessories will allow you to save time cooking and cleaning, so you can have more free time to yourself. Choose a model here today.